From the committee meeting – flats and sheds

At the last committee meeting one of the issues we discussed was the state of our ‘back wall’ flats and large scenic pieces.

The ‘back wall’ is in need of repair. The front surface on a number of them is deteriorating so re-skinning them is going to need to happen at some stage in the future.

A related issue is the condition of our large stage boxes and stairs. These are beginning to wear and are in need of repair. We also discussed the way different productions use these boxes and the steps that can also be placed in front of the stage. When these are moved, it’s a difficult process. They have to be manhandled from the old theatre to the new and back.

An ideal solution would be to create an extra storage area out the back of the theatre. This would mean that large set pieces would be moved in and out of the rear doors, a much easier task.

What we decided was to plan for a major working bee that would re-skin the flats, repair the boxes and build a small shed in early January. If possible, the group would also replace some of our regular flats.

What we’re looking for is a group to plan and prepare for this work. If you think you can help, please contact Viv at the theatre and let her know you’re interested in the 2015 construction project.


PS This post is designed to demonstrate the possibilities for bloging as a way of delivering Repartee.

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