Play In a Day Five

What an impressive turnout! What a great event. Five writers, five directors, eighteen actors, two hard-working techies all combined to put on a varied, entertaining evening.

Friday night in the foyer

Friday night in the foyer

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights.

Matt Halliday’s title, the longest PIAD title yet: sortakindadontuwannawundacaressingbeauty.

Emma Wood’s dancing, as Jade in the Ex factor.

Richard Murray playing a complete bastard. Twice.

Georgie Morgan and Heidi Dempsey in pigtails – it took me a while to work out why.

The crowd. The audience was the biggest we’ve seen at a club event in a long time.

Noel Grivas’s sound effects. He issued the challenge on the way out on Friday night and writers took him at his word. The poor man didn’t even get dinner he was so busy making the effects all work.

A headsetted John Wood (channelling call centre workers everywhere?) as combined stage manager, event organiser and director. Nice work, John.

Tracey Owens as Lainie quietly dumping extra rubbish onto the floor of her sister Sue (Jan Hunt). Meanwhile, Sue ranted about the mess left by the teenaged Erin (Georgia Woolford).

Friday night in the foyer

Friday night in the foyer

Alex Jacobs. How many of us are ever going to get to say, ‘My last role? Sex drive!’

New and unfamiliar faces. Welcome Sharnee, particularly. A bravery award goes to Simon Tonkin, who drove up on Friday night from the Central Coast to write, returned the same night and drove back up the next day. Simon, you’re welcome to bring a sleeping bag next time!

I know that many of those who attended will have special moments, too. Please feel free to add to the comments!

Stewart McGowan

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