Lost in Yonkers

20140831_190123Sometimes it’s worth wandering around a set. There’s been a couple of sets at NTC that I’ve appreciated a lot more after a walk around. The Water Child set had some really clever flat placements – there were angles where you didn’t expect them and it all helped make the world of the play more edgy. The set for All My Sons was a ‘foley sound’ set -the gates, the gravel, the doors all contributed sounds that added to the realism. Going all the way back I could also talk about the set for Summer of the Seventeenth Doll or Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!
Walking around the Lost in Yonkers set tonight I began to notice a few things that are to the credit of Matt Lockyer and the construction team. There’s the quality of the painted finishes for a start – the floor is a highlight. And then there’s the little things. The big entrance on stage right has been cheated down to a doorway. With a door. That fits perfectly. The skirting board that circles the room at waist height isn’t made from timber. It’s painted.
The company has a history of quality sets and this is another of them. Well done to all involved.
Lost in Yonkers runs for another week.

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