From the Executive Meeting

As part of the ‘keep everyone in the loop’ process, here’s a quick summary of what we discussed at yesterday’s executive meeting.

1. We’ve talked a fair bit about the major theatre improvements that need to be done. Particularly the idea of putting a shed out the back for major scenic pieces. On top of this, there’s a need to rationalise costumes and improve storage facilities for them and there’s work to do on the front of the old theatre. We’ve decided to have a major theatre improvements working bee in January. I’m suggesting the weekend of the 10th or the 17th. Feedback please.
2. Our Christmas party is on at the theatre on Wednesday, 10th of December. Tickets will be $35 per person for a pre-show get together plus the Wednesday performance of Season’s Greetings. Catering cost is $20, so cast members and those who already have a ticket need only pay for the catering. It’s a ‘bring your own’ function, starting from 6.00.
3. There’s some logistics that go with all of that – it’s still a public performance, it’s likely that people will stay around to meet the cast and share a celebratory after-show drink – and we talked through the details. I won’t write them here but please discuss any issues with us.
4. John McFadden is happy to take responsibility for marketing and promotions and has a range of good ideas. He’s also volunteering to edit Repartee! I’ll be chatting with him soon.
5. We agreed that given the cost of running the CONDA awards that we would offer to sponsor a CONDA. The glass things with wings cost around $350 each. Oh, I’ll be at the announcement of the nominations this evening. Watch this space!
6. Newcastle City Council. No further movement here. I’m still working on getting the senior Development Officer out for a site inspection.
7. We talked in detail about what we wanted to get done in 2015. I’ll present this at the Executive meeting.
8. We talked generally about some custom and practice issues. How flexible should we be with time when auditioning, for example? (Our view was that we should do our best to accommodate people who can’t make it to a set audition time.)
All in all, it was a busy meeting – nearly two hours. The minutes will be with committee members soon.

Stewart McGowan

One thought on “From the Executive Meeting

  1. David Murray says:

    A decision was taken many, many months ago to purchase a shed and put it out the back. What is needed is not more discussion but action on this item.
    Re Costumes – Amanda & I are planning on working on rationalisation and organosation of these over Christmas/ New Year period. We will invite people with appropriate knowledge to join us. This needs to be done by a small group of people who are all “on the same page”. The aim is to reduce multiples and small sizes and things that can be obtained every day from an op shop and make room to organise the useful stuff and be able to have room to add new things in style/sizes where we are lacking.
    The back room was extensively sorted & tidied by Amanda and I some months ago and now looks like a bomb has hit it because various productions have used it as a dumping ground including for beans from a bean bag. We recommend that once we redo this it be locked and keys be given to a few responsible people and kept at the office so as to avoid this happening again.


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