Season Launch this Friday

2015 Directorial  Team (minus 1)

2015 Directorial
Team (minus 1)

What’s the collective noun for a group of directors? A torquefest? A vision? An ego? (no that’s probably actors)
Whatever the term, NTC has yet another coup of talented people readying their spiels in time for this Friday’s launch of the 2015 season.
It’s all happening at NTC; 6:30pm gather in the foyer for nibbles and thirst quenching; then in the theatre at 7:00pm, where in 60 minutes or less, all shows will be revealed along with the identity of the missing director in the snap above. Followed by more thirst quenching and nibbles in the foyer.
Please let Vivien know if you’re attending so adequate nourishment can be provided, 4952 4958.