NTC: Quick Updates before the Christmas Break.


for one night only, that is, Monday 12 December at 7 pm, NTC members can see what member Carol Hong has done with her cast (mostly young people) these last few months. They’ve been rehearsing The Toymaker, and performing it for school-aged children. The show goes for approximately one hour. Tickets are $5 for members and children, a $10 for adults. Member Phil Haywood, who has worked tirelessly backstage (lights, set-building, working bees and more) in 2016 is on stage for this one.


Raffle winners:

The most recent winners in order were: Green A 004, Lorraine Edwards; Grey I 60, Raeline Jones; and Grey I 47, Lyn Vale.

[My apologies if I have misinterpreted the spelling of any of the hand-written names.]


2017 Membership – still only $30!

It’s that time again already. To be a financial member at NTC for 2017 please ensure that you pay your renewal ASAP. The 2016 membership expires on 31 December, which isn’t far away. Remember, only financial members can vote at the AGM or be nominated for Committee.

There are currently several ways to pay your $30.

  1. Cash, cheque or EFTPOS payments can be made at the Theatre.
  2. Cheques can be posted to:

Membership Secretary, NTC, 90 De Vitre St, Lambton, NSW, 2299.

      3.  EFTPOS payments can be made over the phone during office hours on: 4952 4958

Note: Payment by credit card over the phone attracts a 90c fee.

  1. Or you can pay directly into our *Bank Account:

Newcastle Permanent Building Society

BSB:  650 000

Acc No:  9817 496 08

Description: Your name & M’ship Fee


The Theatre Manager’s office hours are Mon-Fri, 3-6pm.

*Please advise our Membership Secretary if you have paid by Direct Deposit by emailing (ntcmembership@gmail.com).We need to know the date so our Treasurer can balance the books accurately. Thank you.


Best wishes for this holiday season aka Christmas

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you all the best and hope to meet up with you at the theatre in some capacity in 2017.

Cheers, Debra

On behalf of the serving Committee

2017 Season Launch

Next year will be NTC’s 60th anniversary!

What exciting plays will be offered for this season? Last year we not only launched a terrific season; we also launched a whole new look.

theater       director       eyes-looking

All will be revealed this coming Wednesday, 16 November from 6 pm.

Audience members will get the opportunity to book their season passes early.

Actors can start thinking about audition possibilities. And the creative team members who work behind the scenes can feed their creative synaptic urges.

Festive Spirit Poster

Festive Spirit Poster

Don’t forget our final play for this year Festive Spirits written by our own Sally Davies opens this week: 19 November and ends on 3 December.

The cast of Festive Spirits

The cast of Festive Spirits

NTC members should have received an email about our Christmas Celebration on Wednesday 7 December. Looking forward to catching up with you at any of these coming events.

It’s 2016 – don’t let your NTC Membership Lapse!

Dear Valued Member,

No one wants to be a lapsed NTC member.

For a mere $30 you get to stay an active and financial member. You get to know what’s going on at NTC before anyone else. (And our insurance covers cast and crew too.)

This year, we have a one-off super deal going. For $120 you can purchase a five-year membership. That’s right! Only pay for four years but get five! How cool is that!

In 2016, all members – financial and life will be getting a membership card – that will also act as a receipt / proof of membership. The sooner you pay, the sooner you get your card.

Bring your card with you to auditions, shows, the AGM, or when purchasing tickets – merely flash it and those who need to know will be assured that you really are a financial member.

How do you pay? It’s too easy.

Cash, cheque or EFTPOS payments can be made at the Theatre. [The office hours are 3-6pm, Monday to Friday.]
Payment by credit card over the phone [4952 4958] attracts a 90c fee.

Or fees can be paid directly into our Bank Account:

Newcastle Permanent Building Society
BSB: 650 000
Acc No: 9817 496 08
Description: Your name & fees


Thank you
Debra Hely
Membership Secretary

Play Selection Panel – the pointy end!

Tonight’s the night that the Play Selection Panel meets to decide on their priorities for the 2016 season. No spoilers here – we want it to be a surprise when we release the season. But there’s some interesting facts and statistics around play selection. A lot of members have been involved in the very busy round of play-readings this year so it will come as no surprise to learn that there are 21 plays that have been proposed as potentials for the 2016 season.

There’s a huge range, too, including at least three new plays written by company members, some big-name comedies and dramas, musicals and farces, Australian and international works.

There’s thirteen members of the Play Selection Panel and I’d like to thank them all for their time and effort. It’s no easy task putting together a successful season. The next step is for the committee to read the short-listed plays so that they can have their input as well. Watch this space in late October to find out the results of our deliberations.

From the Vault

The Company’s facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Newcastle-Theatre-Company/54052341294?fref=ts) has an interesting range of photos from the ’80’s and ’90’s scanned in and posted a while ago by Susan Dredge. Here’s three of my favourites. Marat Sade was one of the first shows I saw at Rep (with Joanne Michel, for those who know her). Oh! What a Lovely War! was the first show I did for the company. And Robyn Greenwell designed the set for Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

Marat Sade Lovely War Seventeenth Doll

Play In a Day Five

What an impressive turnout! What a great event. Five writers, five directors, eighteen actors, two hard-working techies all combined to put on a varied, entertaining evening.

Friday night in the foyer

Friday night in the foyer

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights.

Matt Halliday’s title, the longest PIAD title yet: sortakindadontuwannawundacaressingbeauty.

Emma Wood’s dancing, as Jade in the Ex factor.

Richard Murray playing a complete bastard. Twice.

Georgie Morgan and Heidi Dempsey in pigtails – it took me a while to work out why.

The crowd. The audience was the biggest we’ve seen at a club event in a long time.

Noel Grivas’s sound effects. He issued the challenge on the way out on Friday night and writers took him at his word. The poor man didn’t even get dinner he was so busy making the effects all work.

A headsetted John Wood (channelling call centre workers everywhere?) as combined stage manager, event organiser and director. Nice work, John.

Tracey Owens as Lainie quietly dumping extra rubbish onto the floor of her sister Sue (Jan Hunt). Meanwhile, Sue ranted about the mess left by the teenaged Erin (Georgia Woolford).

Friday night in the foyer

Friday night in the foyer

Alex Jacobs. How many of us are ever going to get to say, ‘My last role? Sex drive!’

New and unfamiliar faces. Welcome Sharnee, particularly. A bravery award goes to Simon Tonkin, who drove up on Friday night from the Central Coast to write, returned the same night and drove back up the next day. Simon, you’re welcome to bring a sleeping bag next time!

I know that many of those who attended will have special moments, too. Please feel free to add to the comments!

Stewart McGowan

Farewell from Sarah-Jane

As part of our plans to improve our communication, we’re trying out a blog for Repartee. I’d like your feedback. This post is a farewell note from Sarah-Jane, who’s on her way back to the UK.

Dear Newcastle Theatre Company members

As some of you may know I am returning to the UK this week after 3 and a half years in Australia, 2 and half of which I have been privileged enough to call myself a member of NTC.

It’s no secret that I have at time struggled being so far away from my friends and family. However through NTC I have made new lifelong friends and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have managed to stick it out as long as I did if I hadn’t been part of your fantastic company. When I was grieving my Aunt, and my homesickness was at it’s worst, it meant the world to me to have somewhere to go. Somewhere I always felt welcome, some little job I could help with to take my mind off things, a friendly face or 5 to see. sj

To this day I count my first experience with NTC, helping out at a Bunnings BBQ, as the most Australian thing I’ve ever done. It should be part of the citizenship test.

Particular thanks must go to David Murray for calling me up and taking a chance on a complete novice to operate the lights for Ophelia and for being extremely patient with me whilst I learnt the ropes. Thanks next to Howard and Janet for trusting me as temporary stage manager and lighting design for All My Sons, another amazing experience where I learnt so much. Thank you to Tracey and all the rest of the wonderful canteen ladies for welcoming me into their gang and trusting me not to eat more lolly’s than I bagged. Thank you to Debra for writing such a lovely script for Play in a Day 2013 and to Stephen for casting me in it so I could finally tread the boards of NTC. Thank you to Amy and Lani for casting me in Grimm, a show that easily doubled my friend total in Australia. But overall just a massive thank-you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, for trusting me and for making me feel I belonged.

You are all part of an amazing team running a very special resource. Sometimes, when all the individual cogs (no Grimm pun intended) are in action, it can be easy to miss the bigger picture. Whilst NTC puts on high quality products, it isn’t just a building or a series of performances, it’s a community resource that brings people together and it should be treasured for that. I shall miss you all, the theatre and the performances but I shall back to visit as often as I can and will eternally be an avid, if somewhat distant supporter of NTC

Lots of Love (a very teary)